A bathroom is a special room that is used for personal sanitation and contains facilities such as a bathtub, toilet, and shower and a sink. The set-up of the bathroom, in most cases, depending on the culture of the specific people. Some people have the tub, shower or bathtub without the toilet while others combine the toilet with the other bathing facilities. Various settings have different names to refer to a bathroom. In Canada, the bathroom is called a washroom while in the United States, it is seen as a restroom. Although there are these differences in terms of how the facility is named, it serves the same function; to facilitate in providing sanitation services to people.

Bathrooms usually have various items that facilitate in maintaining the hygiene of human beings. Although there is variation in the models of the bathrooms, there are certain standard facilities or structures that can be found in most of the bathrooms. For instance, there is furniture such as bathroom cabinets. These cabinets are used to keep personal items of use such as towels or medicines. There could be drawers where clean and used towels are kept. Second, there can be towel rings or hanging bars for hanging towels. Some of the bathrooms have soap dishes to keep soap when the users are carrying out their sanitation processes.

In terms of plumbing, the bathroom can have both the cold water and the hot water systems. The pipes relaying the water must bring it in sufficient quantities to avoid wastage and at the same time be comfortable for the needs of the user. In certain types of bathrooms where toilets are also put, the same water systems double up to move the human liquid and solid waste to a septic tank or a sewer. The sides, ceilings as well as the floors are designed with impervious materials that can be easily cleaned. Smooth materials that are used on the floor surface facilitates easier cleaning. Electricity is usually installed to provide both a hot-shower system as well as adequate lighting.

There are both the traditional and the modernized bathroom suites. The designs of the bathrooms are usually created to fit or suit the needs of the people using them. Some incorporate both styles as well as their functions. Other people are just concerned about the specific activities that they engage when bathing only. There exist many types of service providers that are professional designers of the outline of bathrooms for special or general needs.

One of the most significant processes of the bathroom is to clean it. When cleaning, there are specific considerations that need to be made. First, users need to ensure that all the supplies that they need are available. Some cleaners are used to clean the floor and other surfaces. Other cleaning items will be used to handle glasses. The cleaning implements such as brooms, bucket, toilet brushes, and mops among others need to be available. Apart from cleanliness, there is always a need to maintain the bathroom through regular repairs of old sections. If there are broken tiles, they need to be replaced to avoid accidents while doing your sanitation.